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Acrostic poems. Read, find, and share examples of Acrostic poems by international web poets. These are the most popular and best examples of acrostic poems. See also Acrostic Quotes.

The following examples of Acrostic poems illustrate what a Acrostic poem looks like, and how they are constructed. The form or category is selected by the poet and thus may not be accurate.


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F eeling enraptured, Autumn dances in the wind, then undresses.
A s bright robes fall to the ground, her passion paints the twilight skies.
L ike a nymph, she beckons, tossing her fiery auburn tresses.
L ongingly she sighs - September’s bliss lingering in her eyes.

I ndian summer days come; then they go.
N ights though chill, embrace her in indigo.

L ater, in November, her sweetness wanes.
O ctober cannot stay forever loving her.
V acantly she gazes through freezing rains.
E ndearments whispered - cease - when Fall loses ardor.

© Andrea Dietrich . All Rights Reserved.

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Flo J Thomas A Walking Angel Gone

For the rose without season is you Light between stars shine through your soul Ocean of kindness whispers your name Joy resides in those beautiful eyes Treasure trove,a friend to keep Humbleness and Honesty your virtues Open-hearted to all,expecting nothing in return Mother and Wife who lives life for her beloveds Admirable for verse,and much more for gentle deeds Special is the best word which sincierely describes you.
Dedicated to Flo.J Thomas- a friend who supported so many soupers here on ps ,by reading our poetry,and encouraged so many by giving free memberships ,She even sent so many surprise gifts across the ocean,one of which has even reached my own land,and made me so happy. Today Flo. is gone.Her account is closed,and Her beautiful words are now replaced by an empty page, on this site.This saddens me deeply. It saddens me anytime any souper gets hurt enough to leave.It hurts because poetry 's purpose is not to hurt people but to unite them.Us soupers here should be more careful how to use our words .Lets not let our tongues work faster than our hearts,nor our pretentious minds play the game better than our kindred souls.Someone have hurt Flo badly by stating mean remarks about Her,so I was told.I don't know who that someone is,because Flo was woman enough not to reveal names,but She was hurt,hurt enough to leave here, and close Her account.I can't watch more soupers leave due this nonesense.Pls lets all be more careful how to use our words.I am not pointing fingers at anyone in particular,I am saying this to myself as well.We all need to be more gentle and respectful .Situations like these are making friends considering leaving here for good, and each time one of us is gone, its a huge loss for our soup familyLet us all remember that once we utter a word we cannot take it back.It is ok for us to be different,have our distinct ideas, it is great to share them,but lets do everything with love. To our dear Flo I say -'Please do return to poetrysoup and open a new account.I am sure you are greatly missed by many,sweet lady with an uplifting spirit.Thanks for being You.Pls Come Back '.

© Charmaine Chircop . All Rights Reserved.

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T~hirty-two steps through the yellow-green grass led me to you.
H~aving to choose which one; my heart with no doubt chose you.
E~very rose bloomed quite differently, though nothing meretricious like you.

R~ed is known to be the favorite color to man; color blinded; my soul desired you.
O~f all the roses, my senses were captivated and comely to you.
S~ome men may pick more than one rose; but, I only want you.
E~ven mother nature so pulchritudinous can't compare to you.

Pace, G


© Pace INK-U-SCRIPT . All Rights Reserved.

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Rule the World

Real women
Understand a very simple yet important concept.
Love begins at home.
Everything else just follows.

To eliminate
Hatred from the world
Entails raising children with love and guidance.

Women deserve the utmost respect and support from their partners in their
Obligations as mothers to instill morals in their offspring.
Rare is the child who goes bad when love rules his home.
Ladies, demand respect, and value your precious roles as mothers.
Don’t you realize that through your children, YOU rule the world!

Written March 8, 2017 on the International Women's Day!

© Andrea Dietrich . All Rights Reserved.

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TOUCH -Sharon's Acrostic contest

Tenderness exudes from him as he takes the hand

Of the woman, sick and frail; he’s a gifted man.

Uncommonly calm, he utters, “God has a plan.”

Consoling her, he is guided to soothe her soul and

Heal her body, for God’s spirit tells him he can.

June 27, 2017  For Sharon Gulley's Touch Me With Words Poetry Contest

© Andrea Dietrich . All Rights Reserved.

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Alien Feet

ALIEN                             -NOT-                               HUMAN

 Alien life form---                                             ---Far from human toucH
 Living among it self---                              ---In the heavens like a gurU
 Intelligence kept from civilization---      ---Scientist call it a phantoM 
 Earth remains alone---                                           ---Like a secret ninjA 
 NASA's top secret---                                           ---You are not humanN

 BY:                             .                                 BY:

© SKAT A . All Rights Reserved.

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Can a child ever forget, how deep a mother’s love abides

All those days since birth, till now I’m grown she guides

Remembering her smile, so tender, so warm as her embrace

More than soothes away my pain, my fear of failure and disgrace

Even in my dreams she comforts, her voice, her scent would stay

Never will her being mother stop, till when I’m old and gray.

26 March 2015
Contest : Acrostic on Mother's Day - 1st Place

© KP Nunez . All Rights Reserved.

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Magnificent scenery Ancient Architecture Lovely lovely people Terrific cuisine All I wish is to return again one day Jan Allison 31st October 2014

© JAN ALLISON . All Rights Reserved.

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Leaves Talking

Lovely golden red-tinged leaves seem lost in conversation,
Eloquently rustling as they flutter to the ground.
Autumn’s breeze is whispering to them a revelation.
Vanquished they are soon to be.  Vanished – they will have no sound.
Eerily the evening creeps, its shadows enveloping the trees.
Stirring in the wind, the leaves now hiss as November’s grieves.

Trembling are the leaves that on lush boughs once brightly swayed.
Ashen is their world; murmuring with fear, crestfallen they lie,
Longing for the green of summer,
Knowing they soon will fade. . . .
Inglorious is our end!  Can you hear their forlorn cry?
Now the wind is quiet, and the leaves have all grown still.
Gone is Harvest Moon. First snow falls with a silent chill.

© Andrea Dietrich . All Rights Reserved.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A kind word, of course,
Can soothe the flustered soul or bring a smile
To a frowning face. That’s a given, but
In one’s troubled times, words still are
Only words.
Naked they become, for we see right through them when
Sincerity is misspoken and devoid of thoughtful deed.

Simple gestures are more meaningful than pretty words.
Persuasive poets perhaps pen verses to their beloved
Elegant and extravagant like pearls. Empty all the same
Are artful words given in pretense or with thought of recompense.
Kindness for me is found in action!

Lovers - real and honest lovers - are
Obliging, and they are more than kind!
Unabashedly they step in to defend those whom they hold dear.
During good times and bad, they will be there,
Enduring every hardship by their lover’s side,
Relinquishing their own needs for the needs of their adored.

Thank God if such a man or woman
Has ever graced your life.
Actions of their ardor
Never should be taken for granted.

Words can be loud with promises,
Overflowing also with
Romance!  But only a fool would
Deny that one's exhibition of love is
So much the sweeter!

Written March 29, 2016 for the Cliche contest of Silent One

© Andrea Dietrich . All Rights Reserved.