Without A Sound
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Without a sound

I sort through lovely, precious lasting words
I can see what there is to be, through them all
Along with soft messages carried by a bird
And the colorful words painted on the wall

I know the meanings of songs, into the night
Just like traveling through a long tunnel
Seeing the bright light at the end in sight
Words savored, drip slowly from a funnel

I am reached by deep truth, as you know
The same things shared, pleading, calling out
Newfound warmth in the ice frosted snow
Welcomes us with comfort, of what this is about

Unstoppable dreams winding in a maze
With ongoing choices to continue to make
The clearing waiting, is just beyond the haze
All in the turns and directions we do take

Keep going with what you see, trust knowing
All of it is sparkling and waiting to be found
A renewal, that is soft, bright and glowing 
   --- Written in words without a sound ---

Heidi Sands


© Heidi Sands . All Rights Reserved.