With Only Animals As His Friends
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With Only Animals As His Friends

These nights, they match the days, 
And in so many ways living here, 
Is matchless in its beauty. 

For soft are the leaves of the boughs, 
And tender is the grass beneath my feet, 
Fed by a blanket of moisture each morning. 

And the cool quiet stream makes its presence known, 
By the soft ripples as they rush hurriedly against the shore, 
Quietly in the night, I walk along the water's bank. 

Masa the antelope, and Eso the lion sleep peacefully, 
While Jako the white rabbit nibbles on wet grass, 
I am naming my friends all, in this garden abode. 

As the sun rises, welcoming the new day, 
I look upon the animals, glancing as they play, 
Two each are counted, one male, one female. 

Looking upward at the faded azure sky, 
I wince at a spark of light, glittering as it gleams, 
I know He is coming, He who is the Morning Star. 

The light is too brilliant and I wince side by side, 
I break through the brushes as He approaches close by, 
He calls my name, and tells me to lie still. 

A dream without memories, and then I awake, 
There before me is a woman, ethereal in the sun, 
A voice calls from heaven, she is your closest friend. 

© Thomas Hsi . All Rights Reserved.