Who Needs Words
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Who Needs Words

I’ve often wondered what to say
    or how to speak when words would stray.
A gesture serves to save the day
     when simple words have slipped away.

I’ve often floundered when I spoke
    or tried to tell a bawdy joke.
It pays for words to wear a yoke
      instead of trying to provoke.

I've often blundered with a word
    by saying something so absurd
and wished that it had not occurred...
      a muted state was more preferred.

I've often pondered when to speak
    of written words that seemed unique.
Hold silent I say tongue in cheek
     when writing falters in critique. 

But still I banter with a phrase
    and work that meter through a maze.
I write my lines in many ways; 
     sometimes it takes me days and days (and days and days and...)
But still I plunder undeterred,
    such madness leaves my judgement blurred
though still I think that mum’s preferred
      and often wonder who needs words.


NA'd on 7-18-17

© Mark Massey . All Rights Reserved.