When Will The Grief End
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When Will The Grief End

I am thinking about you today Dad, but that is not new, I think of you everyday, you are always in my heart and soul. Dad, you were a simple man but a great man, you never hurt another human being and were kind to all; you taught me many things along my journey, things like to do my best always, to leave something the right way, that to back down in a fight is not weakness but strength . . . and that life is like chapters in a book. I recall so well the day the call came from the hospital, Mom said come, and I knew in my soul I would not make it in time and didn't. I held your hands, your work is over now I remember thinking, Mom was not well and could not manage any preparations; so I did it all, it was not easy for a young girl to arrange her Dad's funeral, I went into the basement of the funeral home to pick your coffin my heart shattered, and there was your voice telling me to have strength . . . I stood weeping as they lowered you into the ground. I go often to visit you Dad with yellow roses because yellow was a color you liked, and I brush the moss and leaves from your forever stone. Oh, Dad is it possible that you are mere words deep engraved, that all I have left is a broken heart and your inspiring words, but perhaps I am lucky to have had such a wonderful Dad, who taught me about life and about nature and wildlife . . . . someone asked me, when will you stop grieving, the answer, never. thank you for being my Dad for all those perfect years. _______________ July 16, 2017 Elegy/When Will The Grief End Copyright Protected, ID 920850

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