Western Break Up
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I was like a Cowboy
Roaming the Barren Lands.
You came down like a Rain
Sprinkling Nectar over Me.

But, You Stole my Gun,
My Horse and my Hat.
And you are Gone
Bringing back the Drought.

Look at me if you Can,
I look like a Dead Guy
Who was not Shot,
But died of a Heart ache.

I tried Buying a New Horse
But no one wants to Trade
With a Broke Up Loser.
I atleast found a Hat in a Cemetery.

Baby, you should have Challenged
Me to a Duel, and I would have
Let you Win, Falling down
To Ground in Blood and Love.

You Left just like that,
Hurting my Reputation.
I’m now Lost on the Barren Lands
With Dust in my Eyes and Shoes. 

© Harshath Vidheya . All Rights Reserved.