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Wait Till Your Da Gets Home!

Did your mammy ever tell you.
Just wait till your da gets home.
You think, have I been naughty
what is it that I've done?

Mammy won't you tell me
cause I've been good all week.
No, says she you know right enough
he'll spank you for your cheek.

Mammy I wasn't cheeky.
It was Fogharty across the way.
He said a bad word to Paddy
then turned and ran, what can I say.

Paddy turned to see me
and thought I had said that word
but it wasn't me please mammy
it wasn't me he heard.

I told him it was Fogharty
he's a nasty naughty child.
He throws stones at neighbours cars
His ma lets him run about all wild.

I'll not have him in to play ma
I'll never be his friend.
Please don't tell me da, ma
and let that be the end.

© Patricia Lawton . All Rights Reserved.