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I pricked my finger on a thorn of Voodoo roses felt the stab of crimson and sweet burn of saffron in a tequila sunrise I smelled apples but tasted oranges as a clock chimed with mockingbirds in the chartreuse trill of Spring Summer's cerise burn passed in a steamy haze with the glistening sting of hazelnut sand between my toes and the white capped kisses of salty teal on my face before the cresting of absinthe foothills One chill morning dew appeared on pointed leaves as wisps of cirrus sped in a porcelain sky and salt lay on my cheeks not of bright Pacific dreams As I groped for apricot skies rose petals fell and curled like ashes acrid as whiskey and bitter as gin lost in the gust of October's amber swirl April's scarlet whisper was silent in Autumn umber the seasons having passed in a sapphire moment with the piercing shimmer of Voodoo roses in bloom 10th Place The Poet's Ear Contest Sponsor: Greg Barden Written: 7/16/17 -The Windmills of Your Mind-

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