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Visit Wiltshire

Wiltshire is a lovely place too be
A county with plenty of history
Neolithic rocks from north to south
You can even see a white horses mouth

With walks over undulating ground
Find the mystery of the giants mound 
You can see where the soldiers train
On the expansive Salisbury Plain 

With white horses carved into the hill
Walk around them enjoy the thrill
If you are not able to do the walks
Visit the heritage centers hear the talks

But if all else fails jump into the car
You can easily see them from afar
No queuing required and it's free 
Come to Wiltshire and you will see

Stonehenge, Avebury stones too name but afew
I guarantee you will go phew
Ingenuity of the people before
Its amazing, it will not bore 

Moving those rocks that weigh a tonne
Without machinery just father and son
Carving horses into those chalky hills
Showing us, all thier artistic skills 

So visit Wiltshire and see these sights
Plenty to do from morning to night
Let the country air cover your face
Do this slowly it's not a race

Enjoy your trip to this county 
Paradise Yes without the bounty 
Meet the locals and have a chat
Enjoy a cider you can't beat that 

© Gordon Alexander . All Rights Reserved.