Valor's Silhouette
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Valor's Silhouette

Friendship - we have chased that apparition, endlessly,
But it's elusive spirit - always beyond our fingers' reach.

Resentment, disappointment, heads thumped in anger,
Each of us in a role, obligatory - never had a chance ...

Oh, how I pleaded, many times, just to be your friend -
Tears perishing in the stream of lost hope between us.

It is what it is, we are who we are, oil and water, thus.
Still, you have always been my hero, there's no other,

The exemplar of character and integrity, innately kind,
Talented, brilliant, hard-working, and always altruistic,

Letting others, even friends, wittingly take advantage,
Rather than risk a slight or argument ... or alienation.

Goodness and decency were the edges of your sword,
A gallant knight, willing to lay his life for friend OR foe.

Yet now my heart rends so for you, my dearest father,
Armor rusting in the rain, sword blunted, halted steed.

And your faculties failing - that, the cruelest calamity ...
But still, you push to stand tall for your beloved queen,

And your squire is here, true, fain to shine your armor,
'Til the bellman of Valhalla calls ... for it's most dear.

** SECOND PLACE in the "Parenthood" Poetry Contest, Silent One, Sponsor. **

** SECOND PLACE in the "Silhouette" Poetry Contest, Craig Cornish, Sponsor. **

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