To My Man
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To my Man

You say I am not shit
That I ain't about nothing
After years of trying to make the relationship work
All of you sudden you say you don't want me
You don't need me
You want to leave me
I'm trying to understand why I'm not good enough
Was I to blame through your verbal abuse
I believed in you and all the things you said and did
The warm memories of your touch, how you held me
I was trying to work things out
And you used every excuse to not love me
How I loved you as the father of my child
I wanted to go for walks in the park
Eating at a restaurant
Spending time with you at a movie
You could only find the time to fuck me
I was confused when we made love that you loved me
Your kind words 'you looking good'
Your kind words 'you are fine to me'
You held the door for me
You offered to pull my seat
You were there to help me
In my time of need
I trusted you as a friend
You never paid me to have sex
You were there to cofront me
In my time of need
I was the one who gave you money for your divorce
I was the one you came to cry to when things were't working
I was the one who cared to build your self-esteem
I was the one who help you follow your dream
She wanted you to steal for her
I remember you said if it happen to you it could me too
I wrote you letters in prison and paid your bail
She ran off with all your money, left your wallet dry
Of a bad relationship with a broken heart
We lost a few babys , by rumors designed to hurt
I felt the pain, the regret, the hurt
Of having my babies taken from us
We had an insecure love
Of those who came between us
I loved you more than life itself
The key to a bad relationship,
Is a broken heart
To forgive is more painful
Than to feel the neglect
That one you loved never felt your affection
You hate me now that I walked out
The things you hate me for now
Were the things that kept our love true
Only I was always too imature for you
I could not express how I felt
You were more experience than I was
In communication we needed to work things through
You had other women attracted to you
I was worried about losing you
You made me feel loved
I felt good inside
I changed my ways
Crazy over you, in so many ways
I became a better person
Having you present in my life
Has made a difference
Baby I would wish you to do the same
Now that your gone our separate ways
I needed a man in my life to pave the way
It pays to be nice to someone
To walk out on love
Never to return
No love don't love nobody no more

© Angela Brown . All Rights Reserved.