To A Cheese
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To a Cheese

May the Dear Lord deliver us Not from creatures carnivorous But edibles less frivolous Like cheeses odoriferous Who gives a damn about Edam First made in Dutch North Amsterdam Or nutty-tasting Leerdam And Czechoslovak Abertam When some people find delicious Or remain highly suspicious Of a cheese - probably nutritious To say else might be pernicious - Called Kalimpong from West Bengal As chewy as a rubber ball Which doesn’t smell too bad at all Or clog you with cholesterol These don’t cause the effluvium Causing our nasal odium Creating pandemonium As if it were plutonium It’s just a cheese no nose can bear Once it’s been opened to the air So, please, cheese eaters be aware The culprit is your Camembert!

© Alexander Blackie . All Rights Reserved.