Time To Go
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Time To Go

The evening air's crisp and cool,
moistened by my falling tears.
And all alone with my fears,
I'm waiting here like a fool.

Her lies lured me here tonight,
in her best innocent voice.
And she left me little choice,
if I didn't want a fight.

She used every trick she knew,
starting with salacious talk.
And got me to take a walk,
hoping that dreams can come true.

From icy, to tepid thoughts,
ran the gauntlet of my mind.
For she oft leaves me in a bind,
tying my heart into knots.

I've a thirst I cannot quench, 
and a belly full of pain.
Yet, here I wait once again,
sitting on a cold park bench.

I spy the first flakes of snow,
watching them tumble and fall.
And there’s little chance she’ll call,
so I guess, it's time to go.

© Emile Pinet . All Rights Reserved.