The Scream We Hide
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The Scream We Hide

Every day our TV's let in all the worlds evil
right into our living rooms.
We see all that's wrong and rarely does it included
anything good that might also be true.

What do we actually do
with all that we've heard?
We act out with hatred and fear.
What if we could instead try to improve?
Go outside, gathering to be heard.

It seems it's easy for us to be silenced.
Afterall we are just one person, we say.
but we can change that mood as a group.
The thing is one person can change everything.
History is the proof.

What it comes down to is
Do you want to be quiet and afraid?
or vocal, fearless and brave?
Do you want to be a Hilter? 
or a Martin Luther King Jr.?

© Minda Whiteley . All Rights Reserved.