The Runaway
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The Runaway

The Runaway

out in the street
was sick of it all
packed my bags and left
the people were very cold
had to sleep in the shelter
grabage everywhere near cot
the smell of urine in the night
tossing and turning was there something I forgot
smoked a little weed I had in my pocket
nothing could numb the pain from humanities insanity
during the day I would go to the soup kitchen
never could make my belly full always growling
had enough of the shelter was fed up
so I then discovered the tent city
stole a tent from the salvation army
life was still so very shitty
would go fishing down by the creak
fish were scarce cause many bums would take a leak
but I choose to go it alone
wherever I lay my head was my home
until the day I met with a local preacher
noticing my life was being lived as a late night double feature
with head bowed down I chose to give my life to the Lord
promising to live on his every word
as I look back now those many years ago
I'm very thankful that I was willing to change my road.

© Mario Vitale . All Rights Reserved.