The Pains Within
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The Pains Within

This old pain is driving me insane
its like it has no end,
I don't like my state of mind i'm in
I know I have so much to learn
so much to write about my life,
But at times the past cuts me deeper 
every time I look back, 

This I say , and this is what I know
I tried hard to let the past go,
But the memories will always be 
cutting away at me,
Love has seen the last of me
even in my dreams,

Love of long ago given me lots of woes
that left me in a life of pain
that always bring on the rain,
love is a path to my life time misery
this I know and this I written in my soul.

Poetic Judy Emery (c)

© Judy Emery . All Rights Reserved.