The Old Man And The Stone Cottage
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The Old Man and the Stone Cottage

Looking down on the valley
The old stone house stood
Built by the old man years before
And it was said that he practiced satanism
At the witching hour of the night

He lived a long life and could be seen
Looking down on the valley 
As the sun went down every night
Until one day he wasn't seen
And the days went on without him

Until the town decided they had to know
And sent the brave young men of the village up
In the early morning light they trekked off
Nothing was heard until sundown 
When screams rose from the old stone house

The village was scared and no one else dared
To find out what had happen to the young men
And they were not ever seen again
Except a week later when the moon was full
The figure appeared looking down on the valley

And if you go there today at sundown 
The figure appears again looking down.

© Paul Warren Poetry

© Paul Warren . All Rights Reserved.