The Maze
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The maze

I have traveled for many years
And counted many springs
That brought me the joy 
The brown grass gets turning green
And becoming young again
The joy the barren tree gets sprouting the leaves
And becoming full again.

I floated on the flowing time
And lost the sense of distance
But I reached the horizon I could touch
Where my time met the promise
I made to myself at the start
That made me proud
And took me to the cloud
I don’t see another horizon shaping in nothingness
Where my time would disappear in the end. 

The horizon where my time would recede
I wish becomes a shifting mirage
That can never be reached 
I am lost in the maze of two horizons intertwined
Like creepers winding a helpless tree
One made by the mind and the other by the soul. 
Neither do I find the way out of the maze
Nor do I discern who really am I. 

© Subimal Sinha-Roy . All Rights Reserved.