The Dark Night
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The Dark Night

The weathered darkness crept upon me
like a haunted soul
it's swirling winds trapped in my mind
by its gathering anger
to entrench itself in my flowing veins
like a bubbling caldron of anticipated turmoil
of absolute destruction
polluted by passing shadows of fear
that covet the trailing edge of life
it destroys the path of everyone's eternity
without conscience and leaves a barren space
where no one dares tread
its howl growing louder and longer
as death comes towards in an unrelenting purpose
to blackened an already black night
where skin crawled exposed to uncertainty
of another breath from a nightmare 
where there is no escape
except it may find you so minuscule
as to not be worthy of its evil wrath
it was there I found peace for my fate

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© Frederic Parker . All Rights Reserved.