Sonnet 25
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Sonnet 25

Should I tears be until my body`s death?
My sadness, what cruel axiom does it prove?
I do hate you quite much, Elizabeth!
I mean those things believed the mind they move.
Oh, heaven cruel, to whom? I think the eyes!
When hunger is cured, no food does wake the mouth.
So, paradise on earth, beyond the skies
In laws of minds its beauty`s a big drought.
Charm everywhere, the sight will sadness be.
The clamor in life only if at times.
So, here to you, what`s human mirth? A tree?
I swallow tears; my mind in labor rhymes.
  I had a dream the world nothing but beauty.
  My eyes got bored; my heart felt sad and achy.

© Luis Estable . All Rights Reserved.