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Have you heard who’s coming to town? 
Why, she’s only the very best actress in around!
She can make you angry,  make you cry
She can make you laugh so hard you’ll wonder if you’re high
Always graceful and always sweet
The kind of girl anyone would want to meet
But when the curtain closes at the end of the day
When she removes her mask,  and puts it away
She’s just another faceless girl
Empty and alone in an overrated world 
But the show must go on, now where’s our star?
She’s bound and gagged in the trunk of her car!
Someone go get her,  she’s terribly late
We mustn’t make these darling fans wait
Unbind her hands,  but don’t cut the rope
It’s on to the stage and on with the show
Step into the dress and slip on the gloves
There’s the perfect girl we all know and love!
She takes center stage,  Mom must be proud
An encore performance dazzles the crowd
And that’s when the curtain falls
She hangs her mask up on the wall
She opens her trunk, so cozy and safe
Slips into her bindings and takes her place
She sighs as she watches the trunk lid close
Hoping that would be her final show.

© Sheena Ellis . All Rights Reserved.