She Falls In Love
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She falls in love

I am proud
And feel I am upon a cloud
Because of my womanhood
As I have found you
Who almost always
Makes me feel so good

From your turquoise ocean
I gather my scented conversation
From your blue sea
All my sincerity
From your little handsome suns
Of brilliance
Are inspired my hair buns
From the sharpness of your quest
Are born and spread
The tiny mutinies
In my breasts

My all happiness
Find their crystals
Their waterfalls
From the sweetness
Your smile exudes
Embracing the light and darkness in me
Both sadness and glee
My gestures lovely
My habits ugly

Now that you reappear
On my orange spheres
Please come back dear
Let me fall in love
From below and above
From right and left
From clouds in cleft
Let's be together
Into the tendrils we share
The filigree of love
In crimson curves
Let's stuff our love

In this fall
Shadows grow tall 
And deeper too
On my ridges
On our bridges
In my sleep your tulip-dream
In my impatient stream
Your swimming fingers
In a  deep pink thrill
I have to take off
All my grills

My roses are for your eyes
My purple finches your intense stimuli
My ships for your lips
My nest for your sparrows
Your fireflies around my nest
Your soft words from your taste
Setting free 
Sounds of sea
From my mouth
Spoonbills soar
North and south

Let's make the rhymings
Come along
You do it
Whatever you like
Strike in delight
Whether right or wrong
Let spring songs come out
Sprouts too I do seek
In the lip and cheek

In the moonlight
In the Minoan moonlight
Stand the horses
One of them
Sleek and dark brown
Raise its hoof in air
Inquiringly I look for you
The moon grows dim
A raw smell of fresh hay
And the slush
In moss and marsh
And the smell of horses 
Earthy and harsh

Be in love we must
13 September 2017
For the contest HELP ME FALL IN LOVE
Hosted by Mystic Rose

© Probir Gupta . All Rights Reserved.