Sentiments To A Special Precious Progeny
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Sentiments To A Special Precious Progeny

this task to write thee (whom papa dust envy) difficult, 
   though aye selflessly assigned
thy beautiful daughter, whose sunny countenance 
   doth doubly (even donning sunglasses) blind
how charming, fixating, intoxicating...
   as if an exquisite meal I dined
and lack of summoning chutzpah, 
   foie grassy us joie de vivre, 
   a handsome lad will inevitably find
cuz, a profuse heart wrenching 
   envious emotions seemed to sneak up from be hind
and said metaphorical sparring resulted 
   in figurative sadness with deep grooves a lined
the contours of my entire corporeal flesh and bone, 
   but tis no intent, casting darkness, 
   where your ecstasy under mind
my existence appears so bland opined
from this papa, whose aspiration 
   to peal back cerebral rind
doth spur only positive words 
   (courtesy of shari, andy, marleigh...)
a gordian knot within me gets en twined
to explore places far and wide 
   as planet earth doth wind
around the sun - millions of years from now 
   twill become resigned.

© MATTHEW Harris . All Rights Reserved.