Perpetual Peace
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PERPETUAL PEACE ‘A hollow victory, this success I’ve gained.’ I follow the crowd of fueled hysteria, though we have nowhere to go. The landscape’s been altered - the black and blue of evil’s all that’s left. Yesterday’s kaleidoscope, like the Aurora Borealis, should have been viewed spectacular, but our loved ones have been whisked away, perhaps beamed up by extraterrestrials. That’s what my logical mind says. I laugh. I enter the tent of Perpetual Peace, a church constructed overnight. That’s when my day spiraled out of control. Humming is all I hear. The buzzing tries to hinge to my inner thoughts. It won’t stop! It won’t stop! The cacophony on the outside tries to wrap around my arms and legs. I run! I run! “It’s the apocalypse” someone screams. I can’t get that word out of my head. The chaotic day ends in flames. I stare. I stare... into the abyss. Repetitive my lips: ‘A hollow victory. this success I’ve gained’ accompanied by perpetual humming 9/12/2017 Eight Word Challenge 4

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