Pain Of Hunger
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Pain of Hunger

I quickened my pace into life,
Gazing at the sun as it burns through
and the moon as it glows.

Worried as some of my terror 
resulted from my errors.
Walked through melancholy with 
drops of tears.

Abdomen murmuring and wont stop
torturing, beckoning the worms to feed.
Dizziness overclouded, so the door gets

Feel my head spinning, but  still.
Lips dried like the desert.
Body, pale like a dead bird.

Mischievous thoughts crawled my medulla.
Take by force whats not yours.
Cried for night fall, comes another day.
Hoped to be saved by the day each day
I fell asleep as I fight deceit.

© Sherifat Aduku . All Rights Reserved.