Nothing More Than Why
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Nothing More Than Why

Alone with a feeling of emptiness
briefly filled by lovers passing
they share crumbs of loneliness
and hungry passion

a gray world of unmade beds and sadness
where no one listens 
words flow to fill vacant ravaged eyes
for various reasons
everyone yearns for empathy's hand
to grasp a warm and tender smile
without a price

where love is nothing more than empty pockets
from a cave of bats rushing into the cool air of night
their flickering tongues nourished
by the sympathy of victims

I've asked nothing more than why
cry out... I'm here
no one answers but the lonely
who use emotion for their own needs

I lay behind clouded windows
and feel the sun rise and fall
on fulfilled laughter, I hear in the distance
where no one sees me
I've become a shadow on a wall...that has no eyes
left alone with a feeling of emptiness


© Frederic Parker . All Rights Reserved.