No Need For A Special Day
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No Need For A Special Day

No need for a special day
To remind us of our love 
Always in our consciousness
A treasure from above

Just like welcome sunshine
After a summer rain
Rainbows of pretty colours 
A gentle sweet refrain

A lullaby to soothe us
When skies above turn dark
Gentleness of falling snow
A serenade in the park

Two souls adrift at twilight
Wistful days of yore
Shadows in the moonlight
Starlight on the shore

The tender kiss of morning
Sunshine o'er the hills
The song of the morning dove
The call of the whippoorwill

Love is really all these things
Surrounds us in every way
Open your heart and let it in
No need for a special day!

© Jack Ellison . All Rights Reserved.