Mental Movie
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Intent moves poise as vibrant thought,
More ideas voice fond visual lot.

Keep image clear with focus fine,
Mindset of cheer aligns deep lines.

A mental start moves picture form,
An inner heart glimpses sure norm.

Visual form seen with the mind's eye,
From thoughts within comes ample highs.

Just look and see thought become things,
Picture and be a fact mind brings.

Dare live grand dream with visual sight,
Impress clear streams as form greets light.

Moments you niche can gather more,
Greatness grows rich from unseen core.

Come to know truth from deep fancy,
Fact form as proof now most lovely.

See your sights far to sculpture stuff,
Expect bright stars more than enough.

Leon Enriquez
12 September 2017

© Leon Enriquez . All Rights Reserved.