Memories Lost
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In the shiny sunlight
Suddenly approaching me
What could I not say to you
That will make you completely free.

I wonder if you know my words
One day I just want to speak out;
Words alone cannot express all
False feelings leaves the heart in doubt.

My heart, my love
Forever by your side;
Forever with you
Hearts in pride!

The words are meant only for you and me
Those words we shall always remember;
Those promises we kept and uphold
From January to December

Now I can’t remember 
Not even your face;
On few strings of memories
Few memories out of place.
You don’t call my name any more
Your eyes did the talking not your voice;
Your heart spoke to mine in whispers
In comfort we did sometimes rejoice. 

Try and call my name one more time
Remember it and show me you care;
I have lost you! Have I?
If so I feel cheated, it is not fare.

Memories can be erased 
Like mine did and in void it sank
My mind feels completely empty
I cannot think any more, all is blank

With the shiny sunlight approaching me
May help to recover those lost moments
Regain the intimate occasions
Recoup some those loving feelings
A kiss or two will change the situations.

© SOME- POET . All Rights Reserved.