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I fell in love to someone I’ve never seen in person yet.
She is that someone,
 who makes me feel unworthy
in love,
and mostly,  she hates me
being impulsive and drastic.

I know my flaws however,
I’m still in love and I could love her more with these flaws
she really hates.
I’m not required to change 
I can wait, until her heart gives some space.

What if she loves me too?
What if she loves me not?

Whatever it is, I’ll only cross the bridge when I get there.
If I’m not worth her love and time,
if I can’t make her happy,
then I’ll set her free.

There is no certainty of everything,
the only thing I’m sure about is how I feel for her right now.

I miss someone;
I have shared love and kisses 
through poems and messages.
I miss her pets Argos and Lemon,
I miss her garden,
I miss her growing plants of white roses,
I miss her voice,
I miss her artistic photographs,
I miss her laugh,
Her paintings,
I miss her baking red velvet cupcakes,
I miss her cute dimples on her cheek bones,
I miss her boyish fashion signature,
I miss her playing flute of “ibong adarna”
I bought stocks of choco mint candy, 
And lit a stick of cigarette  
‘coz I know it was the taste of her lips
And I also like the scent of her “bench 8” cologne.

At my back shoulder,
I tattooed her name that would mark forever
It was written below the art of cherry blossom flower.

© Purple Angel . All Rights Reserved.