Madness Is A Luxary
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Madness is a luxary

The nascent mind is confused
By the chaos at birth
By the maddening way things happen
To acquire existence
Beyond comprehension
To feel the first light
Unwrapping the discarded darkness.
The un-sensed mind lies hidden as in the womb
Somewhere deep beyond perceiving
Maybe in the gene unseen and undefined
Covered by the fabricated layers of reason
Drowned in indoctrinated norms of normalcy
And strangled by the senile tenets of tradition
All cascading down the generations
Take the mind through time
On a quiet journey conformists perform
Without any query or qualm.

Some who stand up against the tide
And refuse docile submission
Discover the mind born in confusion
And ask questions on life’s rationale
But find no answer
They tear the attire of life called normal
And rake up the mind born in chaos
They pay a price for the choice
For they pave pathways to travel alone
Build fragile homes to live forlorn
In the world they try to make anew
Those who can’t pay the price
Go back disowned and discarded as mindless
To the womb they knew
For those who can’t conform
Madness is a luxury
They can’t afford
And can’t pay the price for.

© Subimal Sinha-Roy . All Rights Reserved.