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Missing Red Pen.

It's a mystery I shall never understand
I know I had it yesterday
as I held it in my hand.
but just what have i done with it,
I really couldn't say.
Have I left it by my chair
or is it put away!

I'm looking up, I'm looking down
I'm searching everywhere.
Oh! There it is, I see it now
underneath your chair.

Underneath my chair my dear.
What is it that you've found?
Oh! Yes I also see it dear
it never made a sound/

Here let me pick it up for you
and put it in your hand.
But how it got under my chair
I'll never understand.

You know you often lose it dear
every now and then.
If it means that much to you
take more care with your red pen.

© Patricia Lawton . All Rights Reserved.