Love Is Religion
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Love Is Religion

No one knows when my mind has been flown away, 
No one knows where it has gone, 
Nobody knows by whom it has caught, 
No one can understand when that love touches me.

Love came very secretly, 
Still, the light of morning was not seen, 
Then the birds were singing in their minds, 
I don't have anymore summer drought in my mind.

Many have said that you are wrong, 
Love will leave you exhausted, 
You can not find any path, 
If you marry then your life will be ended.

Who gives ears to them, 
Every day she comes to me very quietly, 
When the night sky's stars sing lovely song, 
Due to the fog in the morning, she takes me and drags me to her.

No one knows know how much love has given me, 
Who says love ruins people's lives, 
Love is great, so everyone in the world is running behind this, 
We have love that's why we have new new hope. 

© Md Shahadat Hossain . All Rights Reserved.