Love Is Love
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Love is Love

Love flows…
                In the breeze, it blows

                                              Gently down a stream…

Love’s a waterfall 

                        Of colorful rainbows

                                                    A sea of dreams

Love is… 
            Positive vibrations

                                     Under the Sun
Faithfully  believing

                           One day we'll overcome

                                                            Hope for everyone...

Love knows...
                   Love is forever

                                       Peace will keep us together 
It's the oxygen we're breathing 

                             When hearts spread wings to fly

                                                               They go soaring beyond the sky...

On this starry night of love
                                     Messages come twinkling from above

Love is you...

                   Love is me

Love is tender...
                      Love is free...

                                         Love is Love


© Arturo Michael . All Rights Reserved.