I Talk To Myself A Lot
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I talk to myself a lot

I talk to myself to keep my peace of mind
You call me crazy, but I need this time
I talk to myself a lot, having inner discussions in order to grow
I talk to myself a lot, what I have to say you don't always need to know

Birds in a cage can't fly
I keep a lot to myself but I put Words on a page that rhyme
take a look at all of the Hurt and the rage I provide
Then you'll see why I flirt with different babes every night

I fight depression daily, I'm not sure of my life plans
I've been hurt by love so much, I can only commit to one night stands
I miss Chantal, but at the time I wasn't the right man
When I was down and out, not one person would provide hands

I have nightmares over my past and wake up in sweats
Battled suicidal thoughts, and had a  brush with death
Overdosed on pills at 17, Woke up In hospital later
My mind is tortured, there isn't an obstacle greater

I barely leave the house, Anxiety won't allow me
Cried so much, my own tears could drown me
I've always longed for the hug my parents didn't give me
How can I be alone, when I have depression living with me? 

I try to capture every word so they won't want to turn the page over
Anxiety forces me to replay my mistakes over
Bad memories, like me crying as a kid and my parents didn't even notice
I write to survive, I just hope I rhyme well enough to be considered a decent poet

I talk to myself and see where my pen takes me
Do I spend too much time trying to be like Slim shady?
Having inner discussions, at the table with a pad and pen is my regular spot
You might call me crazy, because I talk to myself a lot 

© Alex Duffy . All Rights Reserved.