I Loved You
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I Loved You

I loved you with all I could muster. 
I loved you with every sinuous strand 
Every cell, every heartbeat. 

I loved you with all that I am. 
I loved you to the point of sacrifice: 
Prepared to give you all I have. 

A Ferris wheel of fortitude 
Spinning, turning into a crazy world, 
Always moving, never still, manic 

In its pursuit of passionate folly. 
Then melancholy, moody, yet 
Mellifluous in melody, a merging 

Of hearts: sometimes healing, 
Often destructive as it wove its 
Catastrophic path. In the aftermath 

I land, washed up on the beach, 
Picking up the pieces like driftwood 
Carried by the tide. I loved you.

© Helen J Radford . All Rights Reserved.