Ham And Cheese On Kisses
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Ham and Cheese on Kisses

Such a creaminess adorns the trimmings, found
Sliding so sweetly, spreading under a blunt edged knife
Sweet full bites of generous tender meat with a pickle
Topped with puddings of pillowing eggs and cream 

A Truth, no margarine's are needed- my preference
As the maddening delight makes its erotic connection
To make possible all the tinglings of tasting that is
Open to gentle lips of creamy wishes

Confirming all of the beliefs in Rye bread
Each byte finds itself full with
Burning exchanges sliding, pressing inwards
Reaching the tongue, on fire with edible bliss

Oozing, pouring, squeezing upon the wanting bread
Steepened in perfection, as it
Rushes to each taste bud, all senses
Finding all the satisfaction in its completion

And when complete, and there are no
Final crustings left to fall onto the napkin
Once again, the prowling of the kitchen begins

For seconds...

© Daniella Annalisa Nikolayev . All Rights Reserved.