Freedom's Rare Sanctuary
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Freedom's Rare Sanctuary

like a grumpy ogre the twisted old tree stood guard
notched scraggy boughs reached out in fierce surety
naught had ever compromised its task
in its dutiable charge
the primeval stone held fast the blade
proud and righteous Caliburn
its hilt pointed towards the stars
the just issue of Merlin's resolve
and steadfast keeper of the kingdom
thankless was the ancient tree's post
none would e'er recall its name
no eye would shed a salty drip to its end
nay an honored oath spoken to its passing
still it stood
through the countless sad losses
when the Wee Ones would die in Autumn
such beautiful quiet deaths
falling in color to the forest carpet
one soft exquisite flight to their end
each one by itself
each one dear to the old tree
still it stood fearless and proud
for it alone would be the first to witness
it alone would hear the whisper of the wind
when it breathed the name of the new king
when it blew the name of freedom to the world
when The One slipped the blade from its surly bonds
and the great stone split in righteous temper
knife and knight
blade and banneret
Caliburn and king!
like a grumpy ogre the twisted old tree stood guard

** SECOND PLACE in the "Form S Poetry Contest", Broken Wings, Sponsor. **

© Gregory R Barden . All Rights Reserved.