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Mesmerizing trance
Seductive dance
Bouncing flames
Endlessly change

Feel fire’s soul
Rising from the coal
Warm and inviting
Seductively enticing

I’m drawn deep inside
Where the secrets hide
Where oxygen thrives
Keeping flames alive

I want the heat
the flickering beat
as flames rise up
and then retreat

Starve the fire
of oxygen and wood
and it’s soul soon dies
As a human life would

Comforting to know
that it burns for me
I need the certainty
Even when I can’t see

Near enough 
to feel the heat
Wanting consumption
to feel complete

Against my will
Denying the thrill
I hesitantly turn
Fearing the burn

Nurturing the fire
Takes more than desire
to watch the flames
as they dance higher

It’s the core inside
where life resides
flames now retreating
Fire’s heart slows beating

Embers glowing
not ever knowing
Will life reignite
or extinguish tonight

Knowing that soon
With naught to consume
Fire’s beauty will just
Becomes ashes and dust

Blackened and dark
No hint of a spark
Feeling the cold
Fire’s secrets untold

© Judith S . All Rights Reserved.