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Eileen was born 80 1/2 years ago
on the first day of winter on the ground a bit of snow
with a twinkle in her eyes and a healthy glow
having both outer and inner beauty to bestow,

Second oldest girl who blossomed and bloomed
living in Queens New York who shared with oldest sister a room
becoming a responsible teen none too soon
always helping out grabbing a dustpan and broom,

Worked various jobs till one fateful day
met a cop named John and they were on they're way
having many things in common you could say
both falling in love without delay,

Marriage came quickly and the five children too
getting up early to help them get off to school
summertimes bringing them to the pool
teaching them manners and the golden rule,

Her children grew up and some moved away
plans for retirement finally came one day
first Florida for fifteen years in the sun they would play
then in 2000 back to New York because couldn't stay,

With her husbands different health issues
taking good care of him was nothing new
a nurturing wife whose complaints were seldom and few
rubbing his feet due to neuropathy as if right on cue,

On the 14th of May in 2014 her husband died
having taken care of his diabetes and melanoma all in stride
just short of 60 years she had been his bride
at his funeral at his casket she'd weep and cry,

Still full of energy she didn't act her age
gardening and shopping till her own health turned a page
feeling rundown acute leukemia in her system would rage
first and only round of chemo being this past May,

Shortly thereafter her health got worse
congestive heart plus low sodium levels were an added curse
discharged from the hospital her eldest became her "nurse"
with other family members on her bedroom hospital bed perched,

Her oxygen machine tube trailing up to her nose
she told everyone she loved them being in the know
asking Jesus to forgive all her sins she was ready to go
too soon to leave now an underground irish rose in repose,

Now Eileen and John await Resurrection day
when Jesus will come and take His children away
reunited for eternity they'll turn to one another and say
I told you I'd wait for you come what may...

Addendum: My beautiful Mom took her last breath at her home in N.Y. on July 9th 2017 at 9:45 a.m. I was fortunate enough to spend some time together with her before she passed away...
Rest in peace Mom and Dad till we all meet again…

© Cheryl Hoffman . All Rights Reserved.