Darkness Descends
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Darkness Descends

Darkness Descends The Prince of Darkness beckons, as you slowly suffocate... And demons devour and await, you’re sacrificial screaming soul... The crow caws amidst the noxious nilpotent night, Perched upon tombstones that drip with blood and pain... Barren breaths amongst the ambient anguish of the lachrymal lost, The air stale with corpses laid and tossed in oblivion... In their decay, the stench of decomposing death clutches at your throat. A fecal float you fade to black before the Horsemen... Prepare for their final attack, in your lingering lonely lament, Shadow soldiers sent for your demise...you bow and accept. The crow flaps its wings...and as you try to escape you feel the stings of the anchored and abandoned... Servants of sorrow your only friends, For thus the Darkness extends beyond space and time... Sept.12.2017 In The Dark Sponsored by: Russell Sivey

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