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Create a character contest

(Going Batty - original title)

It’s me squeaking.
I know that bats only squeak when they are excited,
But Man!
You are a pretty exciting occurrence!

I do understand…
Most bats can’t hear you, you know,
Have no such neuroses.

You really take pictures,
Write a book?
I’ll pose for you
Eating a frog.

I’m not ‘your little Microchiroptera’
And I’m NOT going back to the lab with you.

They’re all the same!
And I thought that one
Was a different species altogether…

Example posted for "Enter your own competition". 
1) I have thought about entering my own previous create a character competition, so I made the competition title my poem title.
2) The required form was dramatic monologue,  so I attempted to use that.
3) The quality I was striving for was humor. 
(Did I succeed? The reader can perhaps judge better than I can.)

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