Contrasting Ends
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Contrasting Ends

C-ontrasting ends enlighten
Y-our heart and your mind; 
N-ever practice falsehood, 
T-he deceivers are left behind.
H-oly people continue to live
I-n holiness free of strife; 
A-iming to have the right to the precious tree of life.

C-ontrasting ends teach lessons, 
O-n the tenth of September; 
N-o sinner or unrighteous
S-hall be taken by the Redeemer.
I-n the contrasting ends, 
G-od's kingdom denies the evil; 
N-ames of the chosen ones
A-re written through God's will.
D-o desire a good result, before the beacon descends; 
O-ne is blessed, another is cursed, in the contrasting ends.

© Bernard F. Asuncion . All Rights Reserved.