Comforting Break Of Day
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Comforting Break Of Day

C-omforting break of day
H-as made you rise from bed; 
E-arly light has brought
R-apture to your head.
R-efreshing break of morn makes heart gladly glow; 
Y-our mind denies the pain, your life has left the sorrow.

A-nother delightful dawn
B-reaks and shines so bright; 
D-ay twenty-fifth October
O-bliterates the chill of

G-leaming break of day
A-llows your soul to greet; 
R-ise of the sun begins, 
C-reating rays you meet.
I-t's nice to wake up early, opening a prayer to say; 
A-llow your spirit to taste comforting break of day.

© Bernard F. Asuncion . All Rights Reserved.