Catch And Release
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Catch and Release

This day as i was eating
troubles came my way;
i thought of long suffering
abuse throughout the day.

I thought of saying prayers
but fell on patience too;
God thus sent His angel
dismantled evil's ruse.

An Angel came to strike
I stand not in His way;
lest i be cut and sliced
sorrows made my day.

Evil left me thence
replaced by peace and joy;
my neighbours' bad offence
in peace the Christ employ.

Worried for their lives
thou they spake all lies
God thus saith forgive
my neighbours all at peace.

It is "catch and then release,"
my neighbours now at peace;
repeat the sin they do
forgive them as a fool.

Glory to the Lord
His Mercies unto me;
thus my daily lot
In Christ He sets me free!


© John Leong . All Rights Reserved.