Bridged The Generations
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Bridged The Generations

I am a baby boomer, father fought in World War Two
As a teen graduated high school
Left home joined the service called branch Navy
Left joined in a conflict called Vietnam War
This day, today still don't know why we were fighting for
Now I'm old an elder man
\and I can tell all you young men, (something)
I'm a pathway of wisdom, history, knowledge have been to where you're going
As I continue to talk to you,  you say I'm boring
You are trying to come where I am
you the man, and young woman children boys and girls
elder man bridges the generation
 Of the stories that need to be seen and heard
Pathway of honor dawn, from places of my past
I can tell you things history is my are  (it last)
Rather old past middle age later life  elderly
1865 somewhat aged aging ancient geriatric long lived old older over the hill

Senescent  senior un young a certain age this is what I say...
I'm a road way over depression I am a time a means spanning built over life
Young man time when I am
Youth haven't fully become an adult yet, period between  childhood and maturity
What am (am) I gonna be now I can finally see the bridge the generations
Rashly existence between adolescence and maturity
Haven't been here on this earth long enough to see anything, not anything I go to the things of elders past
Bridges the generations
I now  go to the elders for ally they know my future and my past
Nothing new under the sun
This is what they begun
Now I am an old an alderman and I can tell all the new young men
I'm a path way of winsome history knowledge and light
Pathway of honor drawn for this is right I can tell you his things
History his story is my age, the aged
Rather old past middle age later life elderly
Now I can finally see the bridge the generations

Submitted to
" UNO Poetry book  Poetry to Bridge Generations Elder & Youth 2015"
written by James Edward Lee Sr.

© James Edward Lee Sr. . All Rights Reserved.