Blue Or Purple
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Blue or Purple

The soles of my converse
          The edge of the water
                      hitting rocks
                              in the sun
                         full of bottles

Glass worn down by waves
                found wading
            in waist deep water

---waiting for the sun to come up again
  the base shaking my apt. at 2am
     the foot steps downstairs
     my converse trying to
   Remember             it's all PRETEND.

Blue are my eyes- wait no-
-just the bags under them.

The green in the mirror
             looking back
as I splash water under them
Cold.    Waking in terror
and blue.          Running from
          that sound
Soft shaking through-

my crying distant but
close to me as the pain

I thought I'd never
feel again. THat's Blue.

© Rebecca Irle . All Rights Reserved.