Autumn Morning In The Rain
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Autumn morning In The Rain

Autumn Morning, In The Rain

The street lights gleam in the morning rain
And the moist air fills my lungs
The stars they twinkle twixt the clouds
On this morn, so very young
Many people in their beds
Be sleeping peacefully
But I like to feel the morning rain
My soul all lose and free

All rugged up in heavy raincoat
I take my morning stroll
As raindrops kiss my tingling skin
And Lord I feel so whole
The first bird sings it’s lonesome song
As the morning comes to life
As Bear, my dog spots kangaroos
As they bounce off sensing strife

I tell him sternly, ‘Stay there Bear’
As those big roos race away
The morning feels so wonderful
I love this time of day
There’s something about the world at dawn
That stirs my very being
When there’s no sign of human life
It’s a different world I’m seeing

© Peter Duggan . All Rights Reserved.