At The Door
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at the door

Marked in a book, nightfall talk, 
on golden sands, an evening walk
from long lost nights of yesterday 
to fireside of warmth at end of day
While in a high back chair she sits, 
embroidering, rose tea she sips
when came a knock upon the door, 
an invitation ... i could not ignore

He smiled so sweetly, held in hand
a book to help me understand
And settled down in comfy chairs, 
There was a reason for him being near
For up to then who had shown 
how to free her in the life she'd known
He told 'bout the path she could be on... 
from day to night and night to dawn

Softly spoken words of living, 
offerings give returns for living
She listened close, wonder streamed
in precious words,as hope was gleaned
Perceiving this had always been 
her life long goal- this, forever dream
Asking then to mark the spot,
come morning, we all are looking up...

Old broken heart is buried yet ne'er dissolved stead transformed that true love might evolve...

© Dee Cook . All Rights Reserved.