A Little Food For Thought
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A little food for thought

I will now present some food
For thought to all of you
My dear soup friends

 I hope that you won't sling
Toward me angry hurtful words
I'm just trying to have some fun
It's your mind I want to bend

Why do turds and bananas
Both have Tapered ends

Why aren't bras called booby traps
Can a snowflake have a twin

Does a stitch in time mean
Someone fixed the tear

Do people from P.E.T.A.  Get upset
When it rains cats and dogs

When they made the number 8
 Did they glue two 3's together

I hope you've enjoyed this food
For thought, now I leave you with 
one more treat; is grass really green
In the summer or is it just the
Reflection from the trees

© Edward Mccall . All Rights Reserved.